Creativity, Craftsmanship & Vintage Aesthetics

by Bethany Prideaux

About Tea Party Vintage

In my professional career, I specialize in marketing and design.

In my free time, I create art. I work primarily in ceramics where I enjoy creating intricate teapots, teacups, dishes, and other functional yet decorative objects. My work is hand-built, decorated with press-molded antiques, and hand-painted. I also love drawing, photography, and other artistic mediums.

My style can be summed up with the phrase “Tea Party Vintage”. My aim is to celebrate and elevate everyday moments with cherished and unique art. 


Everyone is Welcome at my Tea Party.

View Ceramics

I have enjoyed making ceramic art since my first class in 2008. Click the link to view my work!

View Drawings

I enjoy drawing with pen and paper and also like to manipulate my drawings using digital processes. 

View Design

I enjoy design for personal artistic processes and also use design everyday through my career as a Marketing & Design Specialist. 

View Photography

Although I am not a professional photographer, I enjoy taking artistic and personal photos. View examples of my photography here.


I have work for sale on my Etsy shop and it is updated periodically with new work. Explore my items and favorite my shop to be updated when new work is added! 

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