First off, I’d like to start this post off by telling you about the Local Legacy Program. Local Legacy is a program created by Legacy Bank, a local Kansas bank founded in 1886. They partner with local businesses to support and promote small businesses in the community! If you use your Legacy Bank card, or a special local Legacy card, you get access to special deals and discounts at participating businesses.

Call for Entries

For the Local Legacy card, they have an annual call for entries for the design. My husband Jeremy and I decided to enter together to have our artwork on the 2019 Local Legacy card!

Jeremy had designed very intricate versions of some of Wichita’s landmarks. Such as, The Keeper of the Plains, The Sedgwick County Historical Museum, Exploration Place, and Century II. The designs were made in Adobe Illustrator, with hours of labor and love (click here to view more of Jeremy’s artwork). He couldn’t choose just one to submit, and that’s where I came in. I took the artwork of the buildings Jeremy created and started formatting a cohesive design for them in Photoshop. The program is about going around to different businesses and exploring the community so we decided a postcard theme would make sense. I formatted the images into stamps on a postcard and we even included mail markings for Wichita, Local Legacy, and the date to complete the design. Also, it was really fun to work on a project like this and get creative with my husband.

2019 Local Legacy Card Designers

We submitted our design, crossed our fingers, and, to our surprise, found out our design was chosen! We were awarded $500 for our design and got to accept it in the form of a giant check! The Legacy Bank representatives were so nice and it was a great experience. We also both got our own Local Legacy cards and used them at local businesses any chance we got.

Jeremy Chabot and Bethany Prideaux Local Legacy Card Design Winners

The $500 check came at a great time because Jeremy and I had just found out we were expecting a baby! The well-timed prize money helped us purchase a crib and some other baby accessories for our little dude.

We hope that maybe someday Theodore will be an artist too and be able to submit a design for future cards. Until then, we highly recommend the program to local businesses and to consumers! Support local artists and small businesses whenever you can. Lastly, don’t be afraid to take on the challenge when you see a call for entries!